General Information

PBIS: Year Two

Cannon Falls Middle and High School is very excited to build upon the success of our first two years of PBIS implementation. The whole school has been a part of the PBIS initiative, creating a more peaceful, respectful learning environment throughout the school. We look forward to another successful year as we strive to increase respect for everyone at our school! 


Cannon Falls Schools keeps it R.E.A.L!
Respect + Effort + Attitude = LEARNING!

Cannon Falls Schools are proud to practice Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS).  Through the generosity of an implementation grant provided by the Minnesota Department of Education, a leadership team is receiving two years of training in developing our PBIS system and will continue to receive access to ongoing professional development activities and support.  


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a framework from which good behavior is systematically described and taught through expectations and rewarded when observed. An example is a teacher complementing a student who is walking quietly in the hall instead of verbally quieting other students.

PBIS encourages:

  • Direct teaching of positive, expected behaviors in all locations of the building.
  • Frequent positive reinforcement of behavioral expectations.
  • Public acknowledgement of positive behavior.
  • Consistent consequences for rule violations. 

PBIS exists to improve school-wide pro-social behavior, by implementing consistent wording and expectations for all staff to use when reinforcing positive behaviors. The expectation is to witness gradual improvement of social behavior in all students and staff throughout our school as well as the community of Cannon Falls. Our school strives to "Keep It R.E.A.L!" when it comes to PBIS!


There are behavior expectations in the hallway, cafeteria, bathrooms, classrooms, buses, IMC, computer labs, and parking lots, as well as other, smaller environments. These expectations will be taught to children and all staff members. All expectations focus on respect, effort, and attitude. From bus drivers and lunchroom helpers to teachers, all follow the same set. After expectations have been taught, the PBIS leadership team in our school evaluates discipline referrals to determine where additional lessons should be focused.