Behavior Matrix

A behavior matrix is a large chart that looks at all areas within our school and how we can be respectful, show effort, and have a positive attitude in those areas. Here is an example of our middle and high school matrix:

PBIS School-Wide Teaching Matrix

Typical Settings/






Speak appropriately 

Dress appropriately

Tolerate others

Keep school grounds clean


Take care of the facilities

Model for others

Problem solvers

Trash in garbage cans

Put things away

Be positive

Take pride in our facilities

Be appropriate in hallways

Be kind to one another


Stay on task

Speak at appropriate times/ use appropriate volume

Allow others to learn

Listen to others

Take turns

Bring materials

Be on time

Complete assignments

Be persistent

Ask for help

Follow directions

Be positive

Be empathetic

Accept challenges willingly

Take pride in your work


Form appropriate lines

Wait patiently

Normal conversational volume

Use appropriate manners

Clean up after yourself

Push chairs in

Dispose of trash

Smile at the lunch ladies

Follow directions w/o complaint

Only take what you will eat


Appropriate language/volume/tone

Keep hands to yourself

Pick up your own trash

Keep hallways clean

Carry your pass with you

Use manners

Be mindful of others


Keep it clean

Respect the facilities

Flush toilets/urinals

Wash your hands

Pick up after yourself

Be mindful of others

Be respectful

IMC/Computer lab

Use quiet voice /

 head phones

Respect the equipment

Focus on your task

Take care of business

Push in chairs

Use time wisely

Patience with technology

Be grateful for time given

Parking Lot

Drive safely

Be careful

Respect other vehicles

Occupy only 1 spot

Park in correct area

Display parking permit

Safety First

Be mindful of others




Be respectful of the speaker/s

Be attentive

Keep phones in pocket

Participate respectfully

Clean up after yourself

Report to area quickly

Sit quietly

Cheer—don’t jeer

Have fun appropriately

Be open-minded

Locker Rooms

Respect others’ property

Respect the facilities

Turn off cellphones




Lock up your belongings

Wash your clothing regularly

Clean up after yourself

Be mindful of others

Respect others

Extra-Curricular Activities/Events

Show Bomber Pride

Good sportsmanship

Support all activities

Good manners

Represent CFHS in a positive manner

Be involved

Dispose of trash appropriately

Be welcoming to opponents/fans

Have fun appropriately


On Busses


Use appropriate language/ appropriate volume

Follow the driver’s instructions

Maintain appropriate/ safe body positions on the bus


Dispose of trash appropriately

Be patient

Use appropriate manners

Appreciate the ride