Research it!

Research It

This is the card catalog for the High School and Elementary
School plus websites that the Follett company has researched and added to
their database. Great for your first search on most any topic.

Destiny Quest
Minnesota State Library ebooks

Digital Public Library
The DPLA is a platform. Developers make apps that use the library’s data in many different ways. Here are just a few. 
Weston Johnson's website, from Goodhue County Ed District.  Lots of teacher resources.
Center on Instruction
Your gateway to a cutting-edge collection of scientifically based resources on instruction.
Research Project Calculator
From MINITEX and MNLINK Help Organize your research project with
this new web-tool.  Gives research tips and timetables to keep you on track.

Library Spot

Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries
and so much more.

Starting a research project is exciting, but the process is often
frustrating for students. To reinforce the skills necessary to conduct
thorough and organized research, we have prepared this Research Right guide and its accompanying worksheets. Instead of searching through numerous sites and jotting down random notes, students can use Research Right as a tool to help them focus and organize information that is pertinent to their final product. Go over these steps each time your class begins a new research project, and they'll be getting their research done right in no time!

The New York Times Learning Network
This site offers News summaries, test prep, daily lesson plans,
puzzles and much more.

Search the Cannon Falls public library and the entire SELCO area.

A great spot to start your research project!

This Atlas updates a large bound collection of paper maps that was published in 1970. Like its predecessor, this edition promotes greater
national geographic awareness. It delivers easy to use, map-like views of
America's natural and sociocultural landscapes. Unlike the previous Atlas,
this version is largely digital.

Blank maps to study and copy.  Free for educational proposes.

Site contains links to biographies, Trail of Tears, Cherokee, and any Indian Tribes.

The Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus
(WEDT) is the premier online American English dictionary with an
integrated thesaurus. Contains 50,000 headwords, and very precisely defined and hyper linked synonyms.

Kids' Search tools
Great for elementary and middle school.  A collection of children's search tools that allow kids to find information on a topic, access age appropriate web sites.

Digital pictures in numbers areas, English and Literature, History, Art,

Cities and buildings etc. more.

The best definitions and explanations for over one million topics.

The ERIC online system provides the public with a centralized
ERIC Web site for searching the ERIC bibliographic database of more than 1.1 million citations going back to 1966. More than 107,000 full-text non-journal documents (issued 1993-2004), previously available through fee-based services only, are now available for free.

Internet Public Library Teen Space
Research papers


Free Access to the TIME Archive
Search over 80 years of TIME, thousands of TIME articles and browse the complete collection of TIME covers

The Shaker Historic Trail
The Shakers, also known as the United Society of Believers, are
one of the most compelling religious social movement in American life.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is the Internet's oldest producer of FREE electronic books There are hundreds of full text books that you can read on-line or download.

Jazz in America
Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz has developed this site, an Internet based jazz curriculum for social studies, American history and Music

By the New York City Public Library System

Now Featuring 122,472 Titles NetLibrary's Title Select is a powerful collection development tool that can help you streamline your title selection and ordering process. Using the navigation tools on this page, you can view special collections developed by our librarians, browse new content, select titles by searching our complete catalog, and place your order online.

Current Events questions and discussions for teachers and students.

Research Paper Constructor
Have a little fun doing your research

State of Minnesota Legislative manual, student edition 05/06

Minnesota Guidebook to State Agency Services

Subscription Databases from the SELCO Public Library system.  
If you have a Library card you can use these services.

Arrowhead Technology Literacy Association of Schools (ATLAS)
Great resource for lessons etc.

TIES Minnesota Learning Loops.

Browse the Internet using the Dewey Decimal System.

Here you will find a sampling of activities in more than 100
categories. All of the activities were created by instructors using Quia's tools
and templates. This area is continually being updated with new activities and new categories. Feel free to search, copy, and customize these activities.

Indispensable ICT Tools for teachers
The following list of ICT tools was crowd sourced from individual educationalists and not companies when the question 'What Indispensable tools do you use in education' was asked  and is not meant to be exhaustive in any way. This particular wiki was created by Drew Buddie attributions where possible are below.

Excellent webtools to use

Boolean Searching
This website explains how to do this type of searching on the internet.